Benefit Analysis

How We Can Help You

We educate and provide you with a Federal Benefit Analysis.

What is a Federal Benefit Analysis?

We help you understand your Federal Benefits by creating a complimentary Federal Benefits Analysis report. In the report, we will either plan for your specific desired retirement date, or use the earliest possible date, to calculate your pension. In addition, we will also cover your FEGLI, TSP and FEHB benefits. We will discuss these benefits during your active employment, as well as the changes you will see after retirement.

After this consultation, you will leave not only with a full understanding of your Federal Benefits, but also your overall retirement picture. Whether you are on track, ahead of the game, or if adjustments need to be made to meet your goals, we can help with a customized financial plan to compliment your Federal Benefits.

What does a Federal Benefit Analysis do for me?

A Federal Benefit Analysis helps you understand how your benefits work now and what changes in retirement.

How can I learn more about a Federal Benefit Analysis?

We provide education seminars on your Federal Benefits either one-on-one or during our Federal Benefits Seminars. We utilize a team approach and bring in the necessary support to help create the best possible retirement plan for you.

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