Our Fans

Our Fans


I learned about Veronica by attending a meeting with my husband to get ready for retirement. After scheduling a private meeting with Veronica, both my husband and I were very skeptical. Soon after the meeting started our minds were put at ease. My husband was soon to retire and belonged to a state system different than mine. Veronica was able to assist him with any questions he had and helped him to retire easily. 

Both my husband and I find Veronica to be very knowledgeable and always willing to help. We would highly recommend her. 

–Faye, Fargo ND

We put all our trust in Veronica after attending one of her retirement seminars.  She is very knowledgeable about the federal employee process and will find the answers if she does not know.  Veronica makes herself available by phone or email at all hours.  We highly recommend Federal Resources to take the worry out of your finances and retirement!

–Kim and Monica, West Fargo ND

I have been retired for two years and have been working with Veronica for over three years.  Veronica has been great; she gets to know your needs and desires and puts you and your needs/desires in first place. Veronica has a vast knowledge of retirement, investing and especially the intricacies of federal retirement which has allayed many of my fears and allows me to relax.  My retirement future is sound and not in a small part because of Veronica.

If I had any regrets, it would be not meeting Veronica sooner. Without any hesitation I highly recommend Veronica.

–Michael, Fargo ND

My husband and I have felt so blessed to have Veronica looking after our retirement income. She makes us feel valued as clients and she makes us feel that she truly cares about us and our future. She makes us feel secure that she is always on top of things with our investments. 

Whenever I feel nervous about our spending, she is so willing to take extra time to sit down with us and look at where we are and where we want to be. She is so reassuring, reminding us that we retired to have fun and enjoy each other. 

She answers emails and test messages quickly, even on weekends or when she is traveling. She is always there when we have questions.

I am so glad that we found someone to manage our investments that we can trust.  

–Nancy, Fargo ND

Veronica is a huge blessing and help in my life.  As a client I appreciate her personal interest in me and my situation.  Veronica is extremely knowledge.  I trust her completely in assisting me in putting together a retirement plan.

 –Susan, Bismarck ND

My husband and I both worked for the federal government when we met Veronica; my husband has since retired.  At the first meeting, we were asked if we had any questions.  It wasn’t a question but a comment from my husband, “we should have talked with you years ago! “We have been so impressed with Veronica’s knowledge of all the numerous rules and ability to put the technical lingo into a language we understand.  I highly encourage federal employees to meet with Veronica and find out how to make the most of what you are earning and plan for retirement.  I feel much more secure looking to retirement with Veronica advising me.

–Deb, Moorhead MN

When I first got in touch with Veronica a little over a year ago, I’ll admit I was skeptical.  This lady was asking for all sorts of personal information about us, (income, soc sec, taxes etc.) and I’d never even met her!  Since then however, it hasn’t taken me long to realize that Veronica with Federal Resources has been an absolute Godsend for us.  It’s so reassuring to know that someone who takes a personal interest in you is looking out for you.  That is exactly what Veronica does.

–Anonymous, Fargo ND

The first time we met with Veronica, I felt quite ignorant.  I’ve never been one to pay much attention to the stock market and investments.  My husband is far more in tune to retirement issues than I am.  But Veronica was so knowledgeable and reassuring that she immediately put me at ease.  She didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing things and kept reassuring us that she was there for us if we should have questions.  Indeed, she’s proven herself in this respect time and again as I now e-mail or call her whenever I have questions.  She responds to e-mails promptly.  She’s answered her phone after hours both at the office and at home.  My husband and I both feel that she’s guided us to make some good decisions in preparation for retirement.  We feel confident that we’re in good hands with someone who not only knows her business but is committed to helping her customers because she totally loves what she does.

To top it off, Veronica takes a personal interest in her customers.  This is a definite bonus!  She does this just because of who she is.  We realized at one of our first visits that we have mutual interests and mutual friends.  As she’s said on more than one occasion, “my customers are my family”, and we feel that she treats us as such.  My husband and I feel that if something in the market were to take a sudden change for the worse or the better, Veronica would be on top of it – letting us know immediately what her recommendations would be.  You’ve got to be pretty darn good at what you do to gain that kind of confidence from your customers in so short a period of time!  We definitely feel blessed the day we met Veronica Redfield.

–Meryem, Fargo ND

We want to Thank Veronica for all she has done for us.  With all she does for us I do not worry.  I love the little extra classes she holds to help keep everyone up to date on what we need to do or look at.

Thank you for all you do and having the patience to explain in childlike language so I can understand what it all means.  It was Greek to me before you did that.  We really appreciate all you do for us. 

–Russ and Jean, Glyndon MN

I highly recommend Veronica Redfield.  She has helped demystify the complexities of retirement planning and was able to help my dream of early retirement come true!  My husband and I went through a thorough assessment process with her to ensure that we could afford to do this.  She is personable yet frank and tells you exactly what you need to know in order to make sound decisions.  I actually look forward to our periodic meetings, as they help with a sense of security that we are making the right decisions.  How our money is distributed for future growth has always been a headache in the past.  No more.  She helped us consolidate assets under one umbrella so we can more easily realize where we stand.  My only regret is that I didn’t engage her services earlier.  Again, I highly recommend her for her skill and personal attention to detail and encourage people to see her well before retirement.  She will help you build your nest egg!

–Bonnie, West Fargo ND

We became aware of Veronica through a online search for a financial helper when we were 2-3 years away from retiring. We had never heard of Fedresource but contacted her for a visit.  She was extremely well versed on the federal employee retirement issues such as TSP, CSRS, and OPM.  She talked my language right away, and her enthusiastic, caring personality won my wife Mary in the first visit.

We have been connected with Veronica on all our retirement financial decisions for 6-7 years now, and it is working very comfortably.  We are pleased with having her as our ‘go to’ money manager and friend.

–Steve & Mary, Moorhead MN

I remember going to the very first introduction session to Federal Resources with Veronica.  The advertisement was for “Women and Retirement” or something like that and I talked my husband into going with and he graciously tagged along being the good sport he is.  He and only one other guy were there.  Not knowing what all is involved, the importance of retirement etc., it didn’t take too long to realize this a good thing. We signed up immediately.

After our first few meetings with Veronica at Federal Resources, not only did we reassure our decision but had great confidence in Veronica knowing that her expertise and knowledge would help build our future towards our retirement and financial goals.

Not only does Veronica take great business interest with you, she also takes personal interest with you and really treats you as an individual.  Over the past 2 years plus working with Veronica, we have built great personal and business relationships and put total trust and confidence with her.  Plus, we also got to know her little boy, husband, and furry pets just thru fun discussions.  As we have gotten to know Veronica, she also learns many things about us.  One specific one is she did learn that when my husband sends her messages in all CAPS he really isn’t screaming at her? Veronica makes you feel very comfortable, puts you at ease to ask questions and works with you making a plan what works best for you.

I would without a doubt highly recommend working with Veronica at Federal Resources.

–Jodi & Kevin, Fargo ND

We would like to thank Veronica for all her assistance when we inquired about retirement.  She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  She assisted us in filling out both our PERS and FERS paperwork.  She has always been willing to help out with any questions.   Thank you Veronica and crew. 

–Randy and Lorraine, Willow City ND

My husband and I had the good fortune to meet Veronica at his employer’s retirement planning meeting.  We were immediately impressed with her knowledge and approach to help the lay person understand the complex financial information she shared.  After her seminar we made an appointment to meet with her one on one.  

We had been unhappy with our current financial advisor and we were anxious for a change.  We hit the jackpot with Veronica.  She was and continues to be invaluable to us. Without her guidance and knowledge navigating my husband’s retirement and all aspects of our current and future financial

planning needs, we would have floundered.   

Veronica and her team are so approachable.  If she doesn’t know an answer to something, she has the contacts to help and she responds promptly.  She is SO efficient!

We have now been with Veronica for a little over 3 years and have never looked back.  We trust her immensely and also consider her our friend as well as our advisor. 


Lydia & Don, Fargo ND

I had my investments with another firm for many years. I met Veronica a couple of years ago at one of her informational sessions. I decided to meet with her. She spent time explaining everything to me. I was never given that much information at the other firm, and quite frankly, didn’t know the right questions to ask. I was so impressed with her that I moved all my investments to her firm. I feel confident that she has my best interest in mind. I don’t worry about my retirement any more. I know its going to happen.

-Anonymous, Fargo ND